Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stadium and Field House, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

I'm proud to announce the latest addition to our much-ballyhooed Postcard Club EP family. This lil' batch of songs is called Stadium and Field House, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. A long title, I know, but I have no control over these things. The EP is free to download, enjoy and spread around as you please.

Many thanks to Randall Payton, Garrett Burt, Jess Abel, Vanessa Rehder and Daniel Dominic Mancini for pickin' and a grinnin' and a singin' and a drummin' on this one. Look for at least a couple of these characters to pop up again when the full band gets its act together. Until then, thanks for listening, and good yule!

1 comment:

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