Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tunnel Between Windsor, Ont., and Detroit, Mich.

Our Postcard Club series continues today with another vine-ripened EP for your listening pleasure. We're calling this one Tunnel Between Windsor, Ont., and Detroit, Mich. Check it out, grab the free download and tell all your buddies about the hot new jamz you scored.

Big tip of the cap once again to Daniel Dominic Mancini who played an especially prominent role on this one, providing electro bleeps and bloops that sent us off into previously uncharted waters. Longtime collaborators Jess Abel and Garrett Burt also paid a visit to the Spare Bedroom to throw down some tasteful bass guitar and guit-fiddle. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bird's Eye View of Red Wing, Minn.

Today we're very pleased to announce the arrival of Bird's Eye View of Red Wing, Minn., the second EP in our Postcard Club series. Take a moment to soak it in, then spread the word to your dearest friends and loved ones. Thanks for listening and helping us get this music out into the wide, wacky world.

Another shout out to Daniel Dominic Mancini for once again adding deft percussion and tickling the keys. We were also lucky to score some time in the studio with mysterious bass virtuoso Ryan Napolitano on this one. Thanks fellaz!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beautiful Downtown Burbank

Welcome to Postcard Club! Our first installment in this EP series is called Beautiful Downtown Burbank. Take a listen, pick up the free download, and share with your pals.

Special thanks to Daniel Dominic Mancini for adding beatz, keys and assorted textures, Garrett Burt for the unhinged guitar solo, and Aaron Semer for handling the mastering duties.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Singsong Vol.1

I'm excited to share this lil' batch of cover tunes I recently recorded in Portland and Cabo San Lucas. It was mainly an excuse to test out the 4-track Vanessa scored for $10 at Goodwill. Plus, it made sense for me to haul archaic recording gear to Mexico because I can only be in the sun for 12 minutes at a time. Anyway, please enjoy!

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Postcard Club

The Postcard Club is a series of EPs I'm working on with the dapper and talented Daniel Dominic Mancini. Each release will feature songs loosely inspired by the images on vintage postcards. We're wrapping up the first installment, "Beautiful Downtown Burbank" and should have that ready for you in February. Drop me a line at danluriemusic@gmail.com if you'd like to subscribe to the series, and I'll happily send you the download link as soon as each EP is available.