Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Behind the Music: Chicken Sandwiches (Spring Break in Athens, OH)

OK folks,

Here's the first installment of a little series we're calling "Behind the Music." Pretty cool name, huh? I'm surprised no one else is using it. Anyhoooo, this is where I sit back in my easy chair and tell you exactly what was going through my head when I wrote a song. I'll be doing quite a few of these leading up to the January 18 release of Spirit of '98.

First up on our list is Chicken Sandwiches (Spring Break in Athens, OH). Press this here play button and then continue reading as I expound upon its majesty...

Chicken Sandwiches (Spring Break in Athens, OH)

As you probably know by now, this entire album is about my experiences going to college in Athens, OH. This particular song is inspired by a spring break I spent in Athens, which basically turns into a ghost town during the break because everyone is down in Florida or South Padre Island hanging out with MTV and Wyclef Jean.

I believe the year was, in fact, 1998. Me and my roomie Dominic Aulisio (of Solyoni fame) decided to stay in town and make some money over the break by working full time at Alden Library (in the dark and mysterious General Stacks). Big mistake. We went stir crazy and continually left our posts to go eat chicken sandwiches at Burger King. They were only $1 and we were (still are) poor.

Here's a list of some other things we did that week:
  1. Worked out and played 1-on-1 basketball at Ping Center
  2. Drank from a keg on Brad Goodman's rooftop (purchased from Frank's Bait Shop)
  3. Watched cable TV
  4. Skated with townie friends
  5. Flirted with Judy Palmer
  6. Listened to a lot of Elliott Smith
  7. Ate more chicken sandwiches at Burger King
Quite a few items from the above list make their way into the song. It's basically a joyous romp about wasting away the days and nights in an empty college town.

I have to give props to Aaron Semer for helping me out on this song. Aaron (who also went to Ohio U, and is a member of Solyoni) handles the drums, lead guitar, and bass duties on this track. Definitely the first guy I turn to when I need to pump out a song in under three hours. We had a good time recording this one at the Oregon Portland Cement Co. in industrial SE Portland. Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spirit of '98 set for winter quarter release

It's almost time kids! My solo album Spirit of '98 is complete, and now we have an official release date: January 18. Yep, winter quarter. The album will be available as a digital download at I'm also working on a limited-edition cassette version, as well as other collectible offerings.

This project means a great deal to me. Spirit of '98 is my first solo album (though I certainly got some help from my friends). All of the tunes are inspired by my years in Athens, OH, where I attended Ohio University from 1995-2000. It was a glorious time, and now the wondrous memories are captured in song.

I'll have a lot more to say about the album in the coming weeks as we lead up to the official release. But for now, please enjoy these FREE preview tracks already available at, and help me spread the word. Thanks!