Saturday, April 1, 2017

Back in the lab

Testing new material on a snowed-in audience at White Eagle Saloon. 1/10/17

Oh, hey there! Curious where I've been? No? Yes? Don't worry Mom, new music is on the way. The set list above offers a sneak peak at some of the song titles you might just see on the next album. I'll leave the rest a mystery for now, but here's a fireside rendition of Smothered and Covered, a tune that's sure to make the cut. Please enjoy, and I'll see you out there.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Postcard Club out today on cassette and digital!

The wait is over! I'm proud to announce the full-length Postcard Club compilation is complete and ready to soar to the top of the Billboard charts. The new album is available both as a free digital download and also the more popular cassette format. You can pick it up right now via Bandcamp...

Postcard Club originally began as a series of digital EPs, each loosely inspired by the images on a stack of vintage postcards. Recording the songs in small batches gave us the chance to experiment with all kinds of styles and sounds, and it turned out to be a really fun and exciting process.

I want to personally thank the dapper and talented Daniel Dominic Mancini for taking on the role of co-producer on this project. You can hear his magical touch in the many atmospheric layers that carry throughout the album. Garrett Burt, Randall Payton, Vanessa Rehder, Jess Abel and Ryan Napolitano also contributed to these songs, and they will be rewarded handsomely once the cassette goes platinum, or whatever it is cassettes do.

Thanks so much for checking out the new jams. Oh, and if you happen to be in or around Portland, the cassette release party is this Friday, January 10 at the Waypost (3120 N. Williams). Randall and Jess will be my humble stage companions, and Nate Wey of Souvenir Driver will open up the festivities. Things should get rolling around 9pm. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beautiful Burbank official video

As we prep for the release of the Postcard Club compilation, here's the first official music video from the set. It's for a lil' tune called Beautiful Burbank. I shot the footage at Tonic Lounge, where my brother-in-law Kurt was tearing it up with his metal band Funeral Age. Sorry for stealing your fans guys, but they looked great on film so I had to. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stadium and Field House, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

I'm proud to announce the latest addition to our much-ballyhooed Postcard Club EP family. This lil' batch of songs is called Stadium and Field House, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. A long title, I know, but I have no control over these things. The EP is free to download, enjoy and spread around as you please.

Many thanks to Randall Payton, Garrett Burt, Jess Abel, Vanessa Rehder and Daniel Dominic Mancini for pickin' and a grinnin' and a singin' and a drummin' on this one. Look for at least a couple of these characters to pop up again when the full band gets its act together. Until then, thanks for listening, and good yule!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tunnel Between Windsor, Ont., and Detroit, Mich.

Our Postcard Club series continues today with another vine-ripened EP for your listening pleasure. We're calling this one Tunnel Between Windsor, Ont., and Detroit, Mich. Check it out, grab the free download and tell all your buddies about the hot new jamz you scored.

Big tip of the cap once again to Daniel Dominic Mancini who played an especially prominent role on this one, providing electro bleeps and bloops that sent us off into previously uncharted waters. Longtime collaborators Jess Abel and Garrett Burt also paid a visit to the Spare Bedroom to throw down some tasteful bass guitar and guit-fiddle. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor. Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bird's Eye View of Red Wing, Minn.

Today we're very pleased to announce the arrival of Bird's Eye View of Red Wing, Minn., the second EP in our Postcard Club series. Take a moment to soak it in, then spread the word to your dearest friends and loved ones. Thanks for listening and helping us get this music out into the wide, wacky world.

Another shout out to Daniel Dominic Mancini for once again adding deft percussion and tickling the keys. We were also lucky to score some time in the studio with mysterious bass virtuoso Ryan Napolitano on this one. Thanks fellaz!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beautiful Downtown Burbank

Welcome to Postcard Club! Our first installment in this EP series is called Beautiful Downtown Burbank. Take a listen, pick up the free download, and share with your pals.

Special thanks to Daniel Dominic Mancini for adding beatz, keys and assorted textures, Garrett Burt for the unhinged guitar solo, and Aaron Semer for handling the mastering duties.