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Dan Lurie – Making Life Worthwhile
Release date: May 16, 2023
Literal Gold Records

Album summary:

After a decade of DIY solo albums, Portland songwriter Dan Lurie steps out of the basement and into the studio with producer Cameron Spies for his latest release, Making Life Worthwhile. The album’s name comes from a 1918 book by former “King of Hollywood” Douglas Fairbanks. Inspiration can be found in strange places. In this case, the chapter titles inspired songs filled with fragments of memories spanning from Lurie’s Minneapolis childhood to meditations on growing up, finding purpose and stumbling through this modern world.

Making Life Worthwhile is a true collaboration, with Spies adding beds of synth, slinky basslines and creative arrangements to Lurie’s earworm melodies. How do you make life worthwhile? For Lurie, you go about your days and when the time feels right, you share an album about where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Full album stream:

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Stream featured track Feeding the Intellect

Photos (click for hi-res):

1. Applying the Rule of Reason
2. New Order of Living
3. Genius Plus Initiative
4. Feeding the Intellect
5. As the Twig Is Bent
6. Regeneration
7. Superior Superiority Super
8. Exalting the Ego
9. Through Difficulties to the Stars
10. Little Grains of Sand

Album credits:

Dan Lurie: words, guitar, vocals Cameron Spies: synth, bass, drums, guitar

Tyler Verigin: drums

Vanessa Rehder: vocals

Produced and mixed by Cameron Spies at Trash Treasury Recording in Portland, Oregon. Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering. Album art by Natalie Waldref. Released on Literal Gold Records.

Dan Lurie bio:
Portland songwriter Dan Lurie presents a unique brand of indie rock and folk-pop that uses heartfelt hooks and memory-soaked lyrics to leave a lasting impression. Making Life Worthwhile is his fourth solo release after previously fronting the Portland/Seattle band Solyoni.


Press for Making Life Worthwhile:
“Bubbling, synth-aided indie rock anthems and floating pop songs. Lurie has put together a record that skillfully avoids any dull moments.” – Rosy Overdrive

“You can tell the pure emotion that Dan Lurie has poured into this. From the ambient opening to the climb to euphoria as soon as his voice enters the fray, there is a dramatic clang and a childlike sense of wonder to the proceedings.” – MP3 Hugger

“Dan Lurie’s melancholy sway feels glorious, mysterious and expansively vast.” – American Pancake

Past press:
"Terrific tunes packed with chunky folk turns and sweater-warm melodies." – Portland Mercury

"This guy is leagues ahead of a lot of rock bands I've listened to when it comes to leaving an emotional impact in the heart of his audience." – Cassette Gods

“Sometimes an album endears itself to you in such a personal way that you’re sort of embarrassed to play it for friends, in fear they might not get it. Dan Lurie’s Spirit of ‘98 is fast becoming one of those albums for me.” – Willamette Week