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Dan Lurie / Postcard Club
Velvet Fallopian Tube Records
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Release Party: Friday January 10 at The Waypost

Postcard Club is the culmination of a two-year bicoastal recording session between myself and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Daniel Dominic Mancini. The songs were originally released as a series of digital EPs loosely inspired by the images on a stack of vintage postcards found in a thrift shop.

The EP series gave us a chance to really play around with sounds and styles, tying together the tunes that best matched the imagery of each postcard. As a full compilation, there’s a certain sense of reflection and distance throughout. A longing for people and places that quietly slipped away--or were never there to begin with.

I recorded all of the songs on TASCAM cassette 8-track, then sent the mixes around to friends, most notably Mancini, to fill in the gaps. The idea was to create a layered bed of sound for the lo-fi folk recordings to rest upon.

Thanks for listening.

1. The Girl With the Upside Down Eyes
2. Beautiful Burbank
3. Switch the Tags
4. Lettermans Jacket
5. Big Handsome Frown
6. Tomahawk Dunk
7. Grey Balloon
8. Hold Your Breath
9. New Years Song
10. In the Milkweed
11. Wrinkle In My Eye
12. Floating Holiday

Recording Notes:
Recorded and produced by Dan Lurie and Daniel Dominic Mancini at The Spare Bedroom (Portland, OR), The Den (Alexandria, VA), and The Storage Space (Alexandria, VA). Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion in Portland.

Dan Lurie - vocals, guitar, keys, mini grand piano, junk percussion, xylophone | Daniel Dominic Mancini - percussion, keys, synth, piano, melodica, electro beatz | Vanessa Rehder - vocals | Jess Abel - bass | Randall Payton - banjo, mandolin, lap steel | Garrett Burt - guitar | Ryan Napolitano - bass

Dan Lurie Bio:
Dan Lurie is an indie-folk tunesmith who specializes in home cassette recording from his humble abode in southeast Portland, OR. After 10 years fronting the quirk-pop ensemble Solyoni, Lurie released his first solo effort, Spirit of ’98, in 2011. The concept album was inspired by his experiences living in the small college town of Athens, OH. Postcard Club is his second solo release.

Past Press:
“Memory-soaked lo-fi that peels out of the speaker like a ray of sunshine.” – The Deli

“The gentle and undemonstrative delivery of these simple melodies and lyrics leaves us lost in the space between meaning, searching with Lurie for the facts and events of the past.” – Leicester Bangs

“Sometimes an album endears itself to you in such a personal way that you’re sort of embarrassed to play it for friends, in fear they might not get it. Dan Lurie’s Spirit of ‘98 is fast becoming one of those albums for me.” – Willamette Week